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Although the memory brought back the horror of how that happiness had been torn away, the sound of a man singing drew her towards the door. Timidly she pushed it open.

The Book, "Singing in the Chapel / My Name is Margaret Harman" is now available. It contains the short story, "Singing in the Chapel" by George McNeish and the play, "My Name is Margaret Harman" by Jason Rip. Also included is an introduction and some background information.

Early in 2016, George had completed the first draft of the story. It was sent to Jason Rip who wrote an adaption of it. The Play was presented at "THE ARTS PROJECT" in London, Ontario February 8 - 11, 2017. About 39 copies of the book sold at that time.

The book is now available from Create Space and will soon be available throughout the Amazon system. The kindle version is already on I will put up other links as they become available. Search for "George Mcneish" on Amazon to see my books in all formats.

Print version will be on soon. Meanwhile you can purchase it directly from Create Space

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